Elevate Teacher Efficacy for TRANSFORMATIVE Student Outcomes

Empower Coaches and Leaders with the Accelerator+ Program for schools and districts.

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As a Superintendent, District, or Building Administrator, are you grappling with these challenges?

Building a Cohesive Coaching Program:

Crafting an instructional coaching program that aligns with both teacher needs and district goals, while fostering significant educational growth, can seem like a Herculean task.

Overcoming Resistance to Coaching Initiatives:

Introducing new coaching strategies often meets with skepticism or resistance from staff, who might doubt the effectiveness or impact of these changes on their teaching and student learning outcomes.

Ensuring Coaching Leads to Real Results:

It's not just about having a coaching program in place; it's about ensuring that the program genuinely enhances teaching practices, supports professional development, and ultimately, boosts student achievement.

Without an effective coaching program, student growth could stagnate, and teacher retention may become a challenge. We’re here to HELP! 

The Accelerator+ Program provides a pathway to innovation and support, offering a comprehensive suite of on-demand bite-sized actionable videos and courses designed to empower instructional coaches and school leaders. By fostering strong coaching programs, we not only enhance teacher efficacy but also secure a thriving culture for teachers and students.

What the Accelerator+ Program Offers


This all-access digital subscription includes:

On-Demand Video Library: Dive into a rich vault of videos tailored to enrich coaching knowledge and skills.

Interactive Live Workshops: Engage with experts and peers in live sessions designed to spark innovation and collaboration.

Jumpstart Foundation Course: Set a solid foundation with a course designed to introduce the essentials of impactful coaching.

Quarterly Book Studies: Join a community of learners in dissecting and discussing pivotal educational texts.

Online Learning Community: Share insights, challenges, and victories with a network of dedicated educators.


Lifetime access to our foundational courses.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning: Flexibility to engage with content that fits the dynamic lives of today's educational leaders.
  • Designed for Coaches and Leaders: Specialized content that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities in coaching and leadership roles.
  • Strategies for Immediate Implementation: Practical, actionable insights that can be applied directly to enhance coaching efficacy and teacher performance.
  • Resource-Rich Learning: An abundance of downloadable materials to support and enrich the learning journey.
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The Benefits for Schools and Districts

By investing in the Accelerator+ Program, schools and districts can anticipate:

Elevated Teacher Efficacy

Equip your teachers with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their roles, directly impacting student achievement.

Enhanced Retention

Address the teacher shortage by providing a supportive and growth-oriented environment that encourages teachers to stay.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Foster an environment where ongoing learning, collaboration, and innovation are part of the everyday fabric of your institution.

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What people are saying about Nicole's trainings...

“The explanation of the Simple Core 4 and the practical examples given by Nicole during the Putting Coaching Cycles into Action workshop has given me more confidence in what I do as an instructional coach.”

— K. Flanagan

“The best part of the session, for me, was understanding how the elements of a coaching cycle can be broken down into four simple stages. I now have a plan for successfully closing out my coaching cycles.”

— K. Tate

“The insights and information gained were transformational in my thinking to prepare me for better coaching conversations.”

— J. Lu

Embrace the opportunity to redefine the future of education in your district with the Accelerator+ Program.

With our comprehensive support, instructional coaches, and school leaders can unlock unprecedented levels of teacher efficacy and student success.

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