Instructional Coaching should be IMPACTFUL, not OVERWHELMING!

Rooted in the SIMPLE Blueprint, the Foundations to Framework Course is the ONLY coach training course that provides a clear and concise roadmap for instructional coaches to make an IMPACT on instruction.

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You aspire to be a game-changing instructional coach and to make an IMPACT on instruction.

Yet, you find yourself without proper professional development, essential resources, or a clear roadmap for your role.

The daily realities of your job have turned into a never-ending cycle of extinguishing crises, substituting in classrooms, and grappling with behavioral challenges.

And now, self-doubt creeps in. Is this truly the path for me?

You're left wondering: Can I genuinely make a significant impact on student instruction?

After pouring over countless Google search results for "Instructional Coaching" and investing time and money into numerous books, you find yourself overwhelmed and trying to piece together a fragmented puzzle.

Instructional coaching suddenly seems more complicated than you initially perceived, leaving you puzzled about where to begin.

But this is where the story changes.

This is where your impactful journey as an instructional coach truly begins.

See... my journey to coaching wasn't much different...

I found myself thrown into the role of a Differentiated Accountability Coach—a title that seemed as confusing to others as it did to me. My primary aspiration was to help teachers but without a clear roadmap, my first year of coaching felt like an uphill battle.

I found myself relentlessly turning to Google, investing in books that only served to complicate matters further, and experimenting with various strategies to forge strong relationships with teachers. It was a time of trial and error, a continuous struggle to find my footing in the vast realm of instructional coaching.

There were moments of frustration, as it all seemed overwhelmingly complex. I was like a puzzled participant in a high-stakes game, sitting before a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, trying to figure out how to complete coaching cycles, build relationships, host feedback meetings, conduct data dives, and execute content planning sessions.

Sticky notes became my constant companions, reminders of the many tasks at hand and the demanding role I had undertaken. Despite my tireless efforts, I felt stuck, as if I was failing to make significant strides for both the teachers and students. The sense of accomplishment eluded me, leaving me feeling unfulfilled.

Then, in the midst of all the chaos, a moment of clarity dawned on me. I realized that I wasn't lacking in effort or dedication. What I needed was not more complex theories or convoluted methodologies. What I needed was simplicity. Simplicity combined with a strong foundation.

And thus, the S.I.M.P.L.E. Blueprint for Instructional Coaching was born.

An approach born out of personal struggle and the realization that effectiveness often lies in simplicity.

Whether you're just starting your journey as an instructional coach or you're a seasoned veteran, the S.I.M.P.L.E. Blueprint is your compass. It will guide you on the path to becoming an impactful, successful instructional coach.

What is the S.I.M.P.L.E. Blueprint?

The S.I.M.P.L.E. acronym stands for:

Setting a Vision
Introducing Your Role
Making a Plan
Providing Strategic Support
Launching Coaching Cycles
Engaging in Professional Learning

Each of these stages has been meticulously designed to equip you with the necessary tools and skills to navigate the complexities of instructional coaching.

Unlocking the Power of S.I.M.P.L.E.

The strength of the S.I.M.P.L.E. Blueprint lies in its ability to ensure your coaching efforts are not just effective but impactful. It steers you away from disjointed efforts and towards a cohesive, purposeful strategy that improves teaching practices, enhances the learning environment, and ultimately, boosts student outcomes.

Experience the Simple Core 4™ Advantage

As part of the S.I.M.P.L.E. Blueprint, you'll also gain access to the exclusive Simple Core 4™ - a clear trajectory coaching tool that identifies four key areas of focus for coaches: organization, management and culture, content, and instructional execution. This pioneering coaching tool provides a lucid path to effectively guide teachers toward strengthening their teaching capabilities and enhancing their instructional impact.

The Foundations to Framework Course is an immersive and comprehensive training designed to shape you into a transformative educational leader.

Rooted in our groundbreaking S.I.M.P.L.E Blueprint, this course ensures your journey into instructional coaching is guided by a proven, effective framework. As you navigate through the course, you'll see the principles of the S.I.M.P.L.E Blueprint come to life. But our course doesn't stop at teaching the basics.

By synthesizing theory with practical examples and real-world applications, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of coaching. Moreover, the Framework aspect of the course uses the principles of the S.I.M.P.L.E Blueprint as a foundation to delve into advanced coaching strategies and methods.

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Inside the Foundations to Framework Modules

The self-paced modules are built to help you succeed in every step of the process. Each module includes videos and downloadable content to help you actually implement what you're learning.


Start with the basics of coaching, including understanding the critical roles coaches play in an educational setting and differentiating between a mentor, coach, and peer. The course kicks off with an introduction to our exclusive SIMPLE method - a pioneering approach that will help to enhance your coaching skills.

Module 1 - Setting the Vision

This module focuses on the development of your personal coaching vision. Establish your core values and purpose as a coach, create your coaching environment, and set practical goals for your journey ahead.

Module 2 - Introducing Your Role

Understand how to effectively articulate your role to teachers and how to recruit them for a successful coaching experience. Learn about the '5 H's Model and our unique "Cupcakes with Coach" technique.

Module 3 - Making An Action Plan (Organization)

From organizing your coaching space and setting up your first eight weeks of coaching to developing a weekly schedule and tracking your progress, Module 3 is all about giving your coaching practice structure and direction.


This section delves into the Tier Coach Grow Model - a transformative framework for strategic support and growth.

Module 4 - Providing Strategic Support

In this module, learn how to support various types of teachers and understand the differences between structured and full autonomy. Explore the Simple Core 4 concept and delve into the intricacies of dealing with challenging teachers.

Module 5 - Launching Coaching Cycles

Unearth the secrets of effective coaching cycles, from understanding the difference between feedback and coaching to implementing the P. A. R. Coaching Cycle. Improve your communication strategies and learn ten innovative coaching strategies.

Module 6 - Engaging in Professional Learning

Foster a conducive environment for professional learning. Discover how to use schoolwide data, develop a PD calendar, and move away from the lecture-based model. Also, gain insights into PLCs and learn about different PD models.

Module 7 - Five to Thrive Coach Competencies (Certification Project)

In the final module, you will take all you have learned and apply it to real-life scenarios through a series of projects. Each project is designed to solidify your understanding of a specific competency, and successful completion will lead to your certification as a Simply Certified Instructional Coach.

The Foundations to Framework Course provides a thorough, holistic education for anyone looking to make a significant impact as a coach. Our course doesn't merely cover the basics; it equips you with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the real world of coaching.

And the cherry on top? You have the opportunity to earn college CEUs. Join us today, and start your transformation into a world-class educational coach.

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Regular Price $197 

  • Single Coach License (1 user)
  • Lifetime Access to Modules
  • 6 Training Modules
  • Option to complete the Simply Instructional Coaching Certification Portfolio
  • Option to apply for 6 CEU from Pacific University
  • Program Exclusive Downloadable Coaching Forms
  • Professional Development Certificate (10 hours)

Hey Hey, Coaches! I’m Nicole!

I’m an elementary teacher turned instructional coach with a little bit of K-12 admin experience sprinkled in… I’m also an author, speaker, coach for coaches, and School Improvement Specialist. I am passionate about supporting instructional coaches to make an impact on teaching and learning.

After transitioning to the instructional coaching role, I spent years wading through piles of sticky notes and constant demands that failed to move the needle for teachers and students, I was feeling unaccomplished and unfulfilled.

One day, it all clicked: instructional coaches need SIMPLICITY and a SOLID FOUNDATION.

That’s why I’m on a mission to streamline and transform instructional coaching with the SIMPLE Blueprint to guide, support, and inspire you.

If you’re looking for ways to get started as an instructional coach or are ready to gain clarity in your role and stop the hamster wheel.

You have found the right place! It’s time to MAKE AN IMPACT!

What people are saying...

“I love the information Nicole has mapped out for us!”

She has broken it down into bite-sized chunks so that we understand easily! Thank you for sharing your expertise Nicole!

Valerie T. - Instructional Coach

“Nicole Turner is an essential piece to my success this year!”

She is efficient and timely with her expert communication and support. Her courses and coaching resources take coaching to the next level. I feel like Nicole and I have known each other for years. She is open and honest about the struggles and enjoyable moments within the instructional coaching position. Nicole provides a high level of support and builds strong relationships with her coaches; you shouldn't be surprised if you receive weekend emails checking in with you. She truly cares! Nicole is the perfect mentor for new and veteran instructional coaches and administrators.

Danielle R. - Instructional Coach

“Thank you very much for providing specific and explicit points for me to consider for my first two weeks of coaching.”

I'm excited and anxious to begin this new chapter in my journey and you provided an EXCELLENT resource that is short and to the point. I feel a bit more confident that I can show up tomorrow prepared thanks to this structure. I imagine a lot of quality planning and thoughtful thinking went into the recording of this course and I REALLY appreciate you helping coaches! I will be looking to Nicole Turner for more support now. I cannot recommend enough taking the 30 minutes and printing out the note pages to help get started for new instructional coaches!

Melanie R. - Instructional Coach

Answers to Your Questions:

Don't let your coaching potential remain untapped.

Embrace the S.I.M.P.L.E blueprint and the Simple Core 4™ today, and elevate your instructional coaching practice to new heights. Witness as you not only transform your coaching strategies but also profoundly impact your teachers' instructional capacities and the student's learning outcomes.

Empower educators, influence students, and create a lasting legacy in education!

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